Artificial Lawns...A Possibility For You?

Summer is soon to be upon us, and with it comes weekly lawn care. Here in our Village Communities, with condos in Columbus, Ohio, we mow your lawns for you, so you don’t have to. But what if you just don’t want the hassle of having grass, just the look. Have you seen or heard about artificial grass? You know that sports fields use it, but putting it in your yard? There are some benefits and a few disadvantages for having artificial grass. What do you think?


The Perfect Lawn:
An artificial lawn always looks good, maybe even better than your real grass. It is made of filaments threaded onto a backing, allowing water to run through it. It is then laid on a drainage layer, and fastened along the edges. It is made of various colors, lengths, and textures, giving it dimension and the look of real grass. It can last for years, being durable for both high traffic and pet use, and will look amazing in winter.

Saves You:
Having an artificial lawn will save you money on your water bills, since you only need to hose it off if you have pet waste or debris on it. It saves you money because you won’t ever need a lawn mower, more grass seed, or fertilizers and herbicides. Most importantly, it saves your body from unneeded yard work!

Environmentally Friendly:
Not having to water saves our water for other uses, and cuts down on what little water some drought-prone areas have available. The recycled crumb infill that is used keeps tires out of landfills, making it a potentially environmentally responsible product.

Good Places to Use:
While you might not want to use it in place of all your grass, it works well for dog runs, play areas for your kids or under playground equipment, around a pool area, or a putting green in your own yard. It is also perfect used as borders along or between flowerbeds or between patio pavers.


Some Maintenance:
If you have a dog, you’ll have to spray off the urine, as it isn’t absorbed or broken down. You’ll still have to pick up after your pet, also! Weeds can still grow in areas where there is any dirt or piles of leaves. You’ll have to sweep or spray the artificial grass to keep it clean and sanitary.

Not Like Real Grass:
Since it isn’t real grass, you need to remember that it will heat up in direct sun. Shade trees will help keep it cool, as do special paddings, but if you are one to be out on your lawn frequently and it will always be in direct sun, then this may not work for you. No matter how beautiful it looks, it doesn’t have that amazing feel of fresh grass.

Not Recycled:
As of now, artificial lawns can’t be recycled, meaning it ends up in the landfills. The material it is made from isn’t natural, so if that is a concern, then this may not be what you would choose to use.

This one works both ways, because while the upfront cost is higher, over time the maintenance cost is almost nothing. Sod doesn’t cost much, but then watering, fertilizer, and upkeep begins, and costs accumulate.

Using artificial grass is truly a personal choice, and while it has advantages, there are disadvantages to consider. Do you know anyone that has an artificial lawn? What do you think? We’ve got amazing condos for sale, and would love to hear your thoughts. Happy summer, and remember, we are here to maintain your lawns.