It’s Time to Go!

You know it’s time. All your friends are doing it. Your friends have never been happier. It doesn’t matter if this is your first or you’ve been in it for a long time, or you’re in your later years. It’s time to move out of your apartment and into a condo. At Village Communities, we speak with people that have been living in apartments, and don’t realize they really can afford to move into one of our condos in Columbus, Ohio. We spend time discussing the benefits of condo living over apartments, and in the end, most realize what a great move they will be making! So, is it time for you to go from an apartment to a condo?

Benefits of a Condo Over an Apartment:

  • You own the condo and will begin to build equity. Owning property will help with your tax deductions and possibly with your credit score. Invest your money instead of throwing it away on monthly rental.
  • Create stability for yourself. There is no landlord to raise your rent or not renew your lease.
  • Green space is usually ample and available for all to use. Walk your dogs, play with your kids, or just enjoy the open spaces.
  • Most condos will have a garage, so that you don’t have to park out in the open. Trying to find parking will not be an issue, since you have a driveway and plenty of space.
  • Laundry in your own home? Condo living provides you with this, so no more waiting for open washers on a Saturday morning.
  • Decorate as you would like and hang that artwork. Paint the walls, add hardwood, carpet, or tile, put up that amazing lighting you’ve wanted, and make it just what you want.
  • Take advantage of the amenities. There might be a pool, golf course, gym or work out room, walking trails, community center, or outdoor areas that you will use.
  • Maintenance free. You can spend time doing what you love, instead of shoveling snow, raking leaves, mowing the grass, landscaping, painting the exterior, or other outside maintenance items. Roof repair or a broken furnace is usually taken care of, too. HOA fees cover all of this, as well as the care of the common areas.
  • Own pets. Need we say more?
  • Privacy is better, since you have more options. Choose a corner unit, 2-floor, single story, and only have 2 neighbors at the most in most of our condo communities. Relish in your own entrance, not a common one. Want a patio space to enjoy some privacy? We have patios and porches in many of our condos. Noise will usually be less, since you live by less people in a larger area.
  • Location, location, location. Our communities are located near shopping, restaurants, walking trails and parks, schools, and more.

Is it time for you to make a change? Are you ready for the pride and satisfaction that comes from home ownership? No matter your reasons for moving from an apartment, we’re here to show you our amazing condominiums for sale in our communities. We’ll find the perfect condo for you.