Show Your Love in These Unique Ways!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and do you want to show your love to your significant other in a different way? At Village Communities, your place for Columbus, Ohio condominiums, we love all the joy that this holiday brings, and we’ve been searching for some unique ways to show that love. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you!

Date Night Out:

Dinner out:
Dinner out on Valentine’s Day is a staple, but we found one that is a bit beyond a dinner out. Valentine’s Dinner at the Winery is a 6-course meal in a romantic setting. This is a splurge, but well worth it! You’ll need to get tickets soon.

Wine, Chocolates, and Flowers:
This isn’t your average Valentine’s Day at home. Head out the Franklin Park Conservatory and spend a romantic evening tasting delicious wines paired with handcrafted artisan chocolates, all while wandering through the orchid blooms and other beautiful plants. Feb. 14th, 5:30-9:00pm. Tickets can be purchased in advance for this Valentine’s Day Event.

Make it an All Day Date:
How fun would it be to just spend the day together with no gigantic plan? Go for a hike or walk, watch the sunrise and/or sunset, head to a museum or gallery, or whatever strikes your fancy.

No Plan:
Head out for the night with no plan at all, except a sense of adventure. At every turn, restaurant, bar, shop, or theatre, do rock, paper, scissors with each other to decide what to do next. Whoever wins decides if you turn right, left, or go straight, go in, or keep walking. How much fun will it be to let the evening unfold?

Date Night In:

Turn off the lights in the kitchen and fix dinner surrounded only by candles. Eat by candlelight, making everything more romantic. Maybe play games, or just sit and talk with each other without any distractions. Keep the TV off, and just relish each other’s company.

Order In and Watch a Movie:
Order food from your favorite joint, start the fire, spread out a blanket on the floor, and pop in your favorite movie. Spending time together is all that matters!

Another great idea would be to come see us. We’d love to spend Valentine’s Day with you showing you condos for sale. Have a wonderful fun-filled, loving Valentine’s Day!