Transform a Small Space

We love our homes and want to make the most of every room. At Village Communities, our condos have room for you and your family to live and enjoy condo living. But what if you have that one room or space that just seems to be small or cluttered? How can you take a cramped space and make it unique, spacious and appealing? By the way, these tips can work in any room that you want to transform!

Surprising Storage

  • Built-ins expand the height of your ceiling, making ceilings look higher. Plus it will give you tons of storage space.
  • Using coffee tables that have open space underneath or ottomans that can open allow you to store your books, blankets, etc. inside them.
  • Don’t want to use built-in bookcases? Hanging a single bookshelf closer to the ceiling will draw your eye up and create space. Use this for books you don’t need daily. This can also be a terrific place to keep your collectibles.
  • Watching TV in this room? Mounting the TV on the wall means you don’t need a table or console in the room.

Let There be Light

  • The correct lighting can make any space look larger. Don’t use one large overhead light. Instead, go for recessed lighting and a few smaller lamps around the room.
  • Recessed lighting takes up no space. Make them dimmable and you have instant charm and light when and if you need it.
  • Don’t cover windows with heavy dark curtains or blinds. Make your windows and the light coming through them a focal point. Even better, don’t cover them at all. If you do use drapes or blinds, make sure they are the same color as your walls.
  • Mirrors that have been placed strategically to reflect light are a smart trick.

Careful, Choosy Color

  • Paint the ceiling a bright color or use a fun wallpaper that draws your eye up. This makes any room look taller, and height makes any space look bigger.
  • Using light wall colors creates a light airy feeling.
  • Striped rugs that go the length of the room make the room look like it goes on forever. Don’t have a striped rug? Orient any rugs to go the length of the room, not the width.
  • Another way to trick the eye is to have paint colors, rug colors, curtains, and furniture all in the shades of the same color. This creates coherency, which creates an open feeling, expanding the room visually.

Adjust Arrangement of All Furniture

  • Moving furniture away from walls (even just a few inches) can help the space look more open. Angle a bed, sofa, or desk to give the sense of open space around the furniture.
  • Sofas, chairs, and tables that are on raised legs create instant space.
  • Sometimes we think using smaller furniture in a room is what is needed, but surprisingly, using a few pieces of larger furniture can make the room actually appear bigger.
  • A dining room or kitchen table with drop or removable leaves can give you the space you need.
  • Add drama to a small room, with a large piece of art. One large painting or photo can mentally enlarge the space.
  • The arrangement and size of your collectibles are important. Don’t cover your tables, etc. with many small things. This makes your space looked cramped. Go for a few larger items instead.

Do what you want in each room in your home whether it is large or small! Just because it’s an office doesn’t mean you need a large desk. What about a stand-up desk or a narrow table with a couch or chairs in front of the table? A living room doesn’t have to have a sofa and two chairs – use unexpected furniture. Think outside of the box.

Our condos have amazing amounts of space, and we’ve got condos for sale. But any home can have that one space you might want to transform and make it look larger. It might even be your laundry room!