Village Communities Realtors' Corner - Lari Madosky Shaw

The people that work with Village Communities, and help us sell Columbus, Ohio condominiums, are a big part of our success. The realtors that work with us are knowledgeable, represent us well, and are amazing people. Now when you buy a home from us, you’ll know a little bit about them too! Keep watching for the next installment.

Name: Lari Madosky Shaw

How long have you been a realtor?
21 years and counting!

What do you like about selling homes?
Each day is different. I meet different people, show all kinds of homes, and make peoples’ dreams come true.

What is your funniest realtor moment?
I was getting ready to show a home. As I got the key out of the lockbox, I dropped it and it fell down between the deck boards. Needless to say, I didn’t get to show the house that day.

What is your most unique sales experience?
I had 2 clients swap homes!

What did you say you’d never do that you’re doing now?
Being a mom! But I love it!

If you could give one tip for someone looking for a home, what would you say?
Be sure to get an agent who knows your market well! You’re going to have loads of questions about the neighborhood, amenities, schools, and access to major roads, and you need an agent who knows.

Anything else you want us to know about you?
I love triathlons. I’ve been racing since 2000. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve won numerous races over the years both as overall female and age group champion.  I’m really looking forward to the Ohio Ironman. Last year was the first year for this race. Not only is it an amazing race, it’s a great social event for me.

Let Lari help you find your perfect home in one of our amazing condo communities in Columbus, Ohio. She’ll run over the competition and rush to help you find your new home!