Village Communities Realtors' Corner - Shelley McCoy

The people that work with us at Village Communities, and help us sell Columbus, Ohio condominiums, are a big part of our success. The realtors that work with us are so knowledgeable, represent us well, and are amazing people. Now when you buy a home from us, you’ll know a little bit about them too! Keep watching for the next installment.

Name: Shelley McCoy

How long have you been a realtor?
25 years and counting!

What do you like about selling homes?
I like helping my clients achieve their dreams of homeownership, making my clients money on a great investment, and meeting new people and creating long lasting friendships.

What is your funniest realtor moment?
I was showing a home while the seller was in the bathtub the whole time, with headphones on! It was awful and so embarrassing.

What is your most unique sales experience?
My most unique sales experience was when my client showed up to closing with $120,000 cash in a duffle bag. Haha! I thought I was in a movie!

What did you say you’d never do that you’re doing now?
I’m getting married!

If you could give one tip for someone looking for a home, what would you say?
Find and work with a great and very experienced agent. Trust and try to follow their advice while trying to set aside outside influences. This helps for a smoother transition.

Anything else you want us to know about you?
I love motorcycles and boating! I have two boys and two dogs.  My youngest son, Seth, plays basketball at Ohio Wesleyan. He will be a junior in the fall and is the starting shooting guard. My oldest, Sean, is a store manager at Aaron’s rental company. I’m getting married next April to the best guy, Jeff Morgan!

Let Shelley help you find your perfect home in one of our condo communities in Columbus, Ohio. She knows all and would love to help you!